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Empowering highly sensitive people to connect to their inner knowing, gain clarity and inspire them to live their best life!

Personal Development Courses

Are you a highly sensitive person who thinks and feels deeply? Are you highly aware? My courses are designed to support you in harnessing your superpower - your intuition! Learn how to be present for a life you love and thrive as a highly sensitive person with my personal development courses.

Intuitive Mentoring

Book in for a unique Intuitive Mentoring session where we support you to feel seen and heard. Intuitve Mentoring is a unique method to support you with where you are at. Intuitve Mentoring is a combination of traditional therapy and Healing modalities. In a non-judgemental environment feel supported.

Meditation Classes

Meditation is key to increasing self-awareness, managing stress and gaining a new perspective on things. With my guided meditation classes or individual meditation sessions, you will gain more clarity and insight, deepen your intuition, fuel your creativity and start living your life to the fullest.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition & Be True To Yourself

When we face a big change in our life and have an important decision to make, most of us look for answers outside of ourselves.

We turn to Google or seek advice from our family or friends. We try to find the answer in books or teachings of experts. Yet we often forget to consult the most important authority of all: our own INTUITION. 

Our intuition doesn’t come from conscious reasoning which is why we ignore it. How can we trust something that doesn’t involve critical thinking and analytical reasoning?

The subconscious mind is the source of infinite wisdom that will always provide the knowledge we need to move forward in the right direction. This is true for all people, not only for those who are highly intuitive or have psychic abilities.

With my intuitive healing and mentoring Mornington Peninsula, you can fine-tune that gut feeling, learn to trust your inner wisdom and start making meaningful  changes in your life.

Why Choose Michelle Fortuna As Your

As an Intuitive Mentor Mornington Peninsula, Michelle will first try to understand a client’s current situation, where they are and where they want to be in the future. After identifying the specific area in their life that they want to improve, Michelle will then help them improve their self-awareness and develop the skills to boost their confidence, improve relationships and ultimately achieve their goals.

Michelle’s mission as a personal development life coach Mornington Peninsula is to challenge, support and empower people to be the best version of themselves, live an enhanced life and follow their dreams.

If you choose Michelle Fortuna as your Intuitive Mentor, you will be able to benefit from the following  personal development courses:

Embrace Your Intuition To Create The Life You Want To Live!

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Is Mentoring for you?

Then you can benefit from having Michelle Fortuna as your life coach Mornington Peninsula and here is how:

Benefits of Personal Development

Depending on your individual needs, personal development life coaching Mornington Peninsula can help you achieve a deeper commitment to life through:

I love teaching people how to embrace themselves, enjoy life and appreciate the beauty of this world.

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Michelle Fortuna is a mentor and intuitive healer with a background in creative art therapy. She has been a personal development coach for over a decade, supporting people in gaining clarity and learning how to trust their intuition.

When she is not working, she enjoys snorkelling, spending time in nature and being creative. She is your go-to coach mentor on the Mornington Peninsula for helping you live your life to the fullest.

“I love everything to do with intuition, awareness and integrity. I love inspiring people to live their best lives and let go of what is no longer working. If I can do it, so can you!”

Michelle Fortuna
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Michelle's Latest Release

Love Your Relationships

Improve the quality of your relationships through awareness, connection and communication.

"Do you have a strong yearning to have a loving relationship? Do you feel frustrated with your existing relationship - or lack of relationships? Are you ready to allow more love into your life?"
Michelle Fortuna

What My Clients Are Saying

"I originally contacted Michelle based on a friend's recommendation and must say I haven't looked back. Michelle is a true Earth Angel, with an incredible and unique healing gift. Her gentle loving energy and presence provided a safe cocoon in which I could explore and address life's challenges that were hindering me from being my true authentic self. I find both the Group Meditation and Individual Healing sessions enriching and life enhancing. Both experiences continue to make a significant impact and difference to my personal healing journey. Words cannot express my gratitude to Michelle who carries out this work with great love and integrity!"
Helen Anderson
"Michelle has a truly beautiful energy. I felt comfortable and supported from the moment we first spoke. Through my learnings with Michelle I discovered areas in my life where I felt stuck. Michelle taught me new stratergies to move through these blocks. In doing so I have created more trust in my intuition. I feel I now reflect on myself more positively & lovingly. This gives myself and my loved ones the gentleness we all deserve. Thank you Michelle”
Brittany Robinson
"I want to say an enormous THANK YOU! I cannot even pinpoint HOW you taught me to let go of unhelpful patterns but you have! Were it not to have happened to me, I would not have believed that in the short space of 6 sessions with you, I have manifested things for which I have waited all my life. “Thank you” is so inadequate to express how I feel but as you have effectively taught me how to open my heart, I shall let it speak for me. May more and more people benefit from your wisdom, humility and extrasensory gifts. You are truly a wingless angel! Bless you Michelle!"
Jackie Walker
"From the moment I arrived at Michelle’s room I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders and that was just after a hello! I walked in, in a state of flux and in sore need of some universal guidance and light at the end of the tunnel. I walked out with both (sans the flux) and a package of seven more sessions and haven’t looked back. I feel lighter, I AM lighter. Michelle is an amazing Intuitive Healer and Mentor and a great blessing for those that seek her assistance. I sing her praise to the end of the Multiverse and back."
Jacqueline Martin
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