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I am Michelle Fortuna, a personal development coach Mornington Peninsula who loves teaching people how to embrace themselves, enjoy life and appreciate the beauty of this world.

my Story

As a child I was drawn to nature, writing and observing. I had a love for babies and children. I used to look after the younger kids in the neighbourhood and would walk miles to check in on a friend. I felt compassion for them and felt my presence could make a difference to their lives.

I was highly sensitive to environments, sensing energy for as long as I can remember.

By the time I was a teenager, I was aware I was seeing visions and apparitions others couldn’t see. I kept it to myself, not wanting to be seen as different.

I surprised myself and others when I passed year twelve and was accepted to study Early Childhood at University. Although I had a deep desire to work with children, it took me awhile before I was ready for the role. Life had other plans for me. I won two trips overseas – to Rome and to Alaska. Both experiences were life changing. 

intuitive life coach mornington peninsula

It wasn’t long before I had a role working with children which was so natural and easy for me. I found I understood the babies and anyone who had trouble expressing themselves. I seemed to know what it was they needed and wanted. Whenever someone saw a problem in a child I perceived it as a lack of understanding. This has always been my gift, to “see”.

Around this time I hurt my back badly and was unable to work. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. My day to day life became appointments and medical investigations. No one seemed to understand what was wrong with me and the more people treated me the worse I seemed to get. 

It was during this time the way I perceived the world changed. Desperate to heal, I started to paint my feelings hoping I could heal through art. After months of researching (without the Internet) I came across Art Therapy. With the combined assistance of practitioners and my own self healing I finally  found ease within my body. I applied to study Creative Art Therapy and was thrilled to be accepted.

Once again I went through an enormous growth period. I discovered how beliefs and limitations were a common cause to creating a life you deserve. In the final month of my course I gave birth to my first child. Born early and just over four pounds, my sweet boy needed my full attention. Exactly two years later his sweet sister came into the world. 

When my children were babies my psychic abilities amplified and people started  coming to me asking me to assist them in some way.

There were four different categories of people:

I started to receive clear guidance and what seemed like lessons in the middle of the night. I was able to pick up on past life experiences, seeing visual movies in my mind and linking in with relatives who had died.

Whenever I felt conflicted or overwhelmed I turned to automatic writing, where I would ask a question and receive a response which seemed beyond my years. This skill strengthened during the time with my children. 

My partner became unwell and my intuition guided us to move to a smaller country town. The move changed the course of my life.

I went through a separation, became a single parent and focused on being the best mum I could be.

Eventually I returned to the workforce, saying yes to a part time job in a childcare centre. It wasn’t long before my psychic ability was put to good use in the environment. I was recommended for a job in Music therapy for children with different learning abilities. It seemed like the perfect match. It took time for the staff to accept me but it was quick for me to see the positive response of the children to my presence. Staff started to identify I was “different” and commonly asked me “What are you doing differently?”, “How do you get the children to respond to you?” I was being intuitive, listening to the children at a deep level. I was listening without words. My “soul/sole” focus was to connect with them, allow them to feel valued and ENJOY our time together. It worked. I knew it was time for me to help many other people. 

I didn’t know exactly what I would offer or call myself. I started with readings, as this came naturally to me. This grew to House Clearings, then Energy Clearings. I furthered my studies to build my knowledge but always honoured my intuition with my work. Over time, clients asked for frequent mentoring and coaching sessions, then workshops, groups, and personal development courses.

Although I studied Early Childhood, Creative Art therapy, Counselling, Cranial Sacral, Space Clearing and numerous Healing Courses, I  believe my greatest knowledge has come from life experiences and mentoring clients.

After almost 14 years of supporting people to become clear and confident in themselves, I now teach in areas where I commonly see them struggling. 

Everything I teach has come from years of research, observation, and life experience. 

My dream is to see people benefit from building their awareness and addressing their own needs. My children inspire me daily, and I wish to normalise INTUITION and SENSITIVITY, so more people feel seen, heard and valued. It is the time! 

I met my now-husband and became a step mum. Together we support our four dynamic young adults. We live on the Mornington Peninsula with our much-loved whippets and ragdoll cat.

I love spending time in nature, snorkelling, photography and being creative.

I never take life for granted. In 2018 I was close to death after contracting an extreme strand of dengue fever. It changed my outlook on life and peeled away more layers to reveal an ongoing desire and determination to ensure my presence is of value to this earth. 

I am committed to supporting clients to be themselves, deepen their intuition and learn how to love themselves deeply. 

Life is short for some and hard for many, how can I make it better? 

What My Clients are Saying

"I originally contacted Michelle based on a friend's recommendation and must say I haven't looked back. Michelle is a true Earth Angel, with an incredible and unique healing gift. Her gentle loving energy and presence provided a safe cocoon in which I could explore and address life's challenges that were hindering me from being my true authentic self. I find both the Group Meditation and Individual Healing sessions enriching and life enhancing. Both experiences continue to make a significant impact and difference to my personal healing journey. Words cannot express my gratitude to Michelle who carries out this work with great love and integrity!"
Helen Anderson
"Michelle has a truly beautiful energy. I felt comfortable and supported from the moment we first spoke. Through my learnings with Michelle I discovered areas in my life where I felt stuck. Michelle taught me new strategies to move through these blocks. In doing so I have created more trust in my intuition. I feel I now reflect on myself more positively & lovingly. This gives myself and my loved ones the gentleness we all deserve. Thank you Michelle”
Brittany Robinson
"From the moment I arrived at Michelle’s room I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders and that was just after a hello! I walked in, in a state of flux and in sore need of some universal guidance and light at the end of the tunnel. I walked out with both (sans the flux) and a package of seven more sessions and haven’t looked back. I feel lighter, I AM lighter. Michelle is an amazing Intuitive Healer and Mentor and a great blessing for those that seek her assistance. I sing her praise to the end of the Multiverse and back."
Rebecca Martin
"I want to say an enormous THANK YOU! I cannot even pinpoint HOW you taught me to let go of unhelpful patterns but you have! Were it not to have happened to me, I would not have believed that in the short space of 6 sessions with you, I have manifested things for which I have waited all my life. “Thank you” is so inadequate to express how I feel but as you have effectively taught me how to open my heart, I shall let it speak for me. May more and more people benefit from your wisdom, humility and extrasensory gifts. You are truly a wingless angel! Bless you Michelle!"
Jackie Walker

Personal Development Coach Mornington Peninsula

Michelle Fortuna is a personal development coach Mornington Peninsula who has helped transform the lives of people  from Frankston to Portsea, from Flinders to South Frankston.  Michelle also provides coaching sessions online via Zoom to reach and help people all over Australia.

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