Life and Career Coaching Mornington Peninsula

Strengthen your intuition, build confidence, heal from within and start following your dreams through life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula.

Gain Clarity and Insight

Are you struggling to see things clearly and develop a deeper commitment to life? My life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula can help you increase self-awareness, gain clarity and boost your confidence to achieve your life goals.

Remove Emotional Blocks

Do you feel like a towering wall is standing in your way of self-development, personal growth or professional success? My life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula can help you overcome the obstacles and live the best possible life.

Heal Your Life

Real personal growth comes from within. With my life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula, you can heal your life from within, learn to value yourself, strengthen relationships and start building a bright future.

Who Can Benefit from Life and Career Coaching Mornington Peninsula?

Some of the most common blocks that many people deal with include imposter syndrome, guilt, blame, self-judgment, “not being good enough” and an unhealthy comparison to others.

If this resonates with you, then you can benefit from life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula with Michelle Fortuna.

Michelle’s life coaching and mentoring is ideal for those who are feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next, scared of making life changes or feeling inadequate.

Personal life coaching can help anyone struggling with who they are, feeling like misfits or dealing with overwhelm and anxiety that prevents them from growing and enjoying life.

Professional coaching Mornington Peninsula is perfect for avid practitioners who are ready to branch into a new healing or creative business. It can help them strengthen intuitive skills, discover unique talents, recognise their abilities and set sail for the right career path.

Whatever your reason, Michelle’s personal and professional career coaching will enable you to seize your authentic energy and create strong foundations in all areas of your life.

Realise your true potential with life and career coaching Mornington Peninsula

Personal and Professional Career Coaching Package

Michelle Fortuna’s personal and professional coaching Mornington Peninsula package provides an immersive full-day experience where the entire focus is on you and your dreams.

Join Michelle in a one-day life mentoring session where she will support you in gaining clarity and healing emotional blocks that prevent you from living your best life.

Enjoy a day in a relaxing, safe and nurturing environment where you will explore your awareness, awaken your intuition and embark on an enlightening journey of the soul.

The face to face life and career coaching session includes creative therapy, brain mapping and an intuitive healing session. Michelle will also help you identify your personal needs and goals.

Benefit from Michelle’s years of experience and expertise in supporting emerging intuition healing practitioners and those with a desire to grow and find the right direction in life.

In addition, you will gain access to five of Michelle’s most popular personal development courses:

Ready to overcome your inner critic and grow personally and professionally? 

With the help of an experienced coaching mentor like Michelle Fortuna you will unlock your inner wisdom to live a life that better resonates with your authentic self.  

You are only a step away from  becoming the person you were meant to be and turning all your dream goals into reality!

Life and Career Coaching Deluxe Package

  • Life coaching session from 10am – 4pm
  • In person at Rye, Mornington Peninsula
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included
  • Access to Michelle’s most popular courses
  • Follow up 1 hour online life coaching session

Valued at over $1850

Limited Time Only $1250

Payment Plans Available


What My Clients are Saying

"I originally contacted Michelle based on a friend's recommendation and must say I haven't looked back. Michelle is a true Earth Angel, with an incredible and unique healing gift. Her gentle loving energy and presence provided a safe cocoon in which I could explore and address life's challenges that were hindering me from being my true authentic self. I find both the Group Meditation and Individual Healing sessions enriching and life enhancing. Both experiences continue to make a significant impact and difference to my personal healing journey. Words cannot express my gratitude to Michelle who carries out this work with great love and integrity!"
Helen Anderson
"Michelle has a truly beautiful energy. I felt comfortable and supported from the moment we first spoke. Through my learnings with Michelle I discovered areas in my life where I felt stuck. Michelle taught me new strategies to move through these blocks. In doing so I have created more trust in my intuition. I feel I now reflect on myself more positively & lovingly. This gives myself and my loved ones the gentleness we all deserve. Thank you Michelle”
Brittany Robinson
"I want to say an enormous THANK YOU! I cannot even pinpoint HOW you taught me to let go of unhelpful patterns but you have! Were it not to have happened to me, I would not have believed that in the short space of 6 sessions with you, I have manifested things for which I have waited all my life. “Thank you” is so inadequate to express how I feel but as you have effectively taught me how to open my heart, I shall let it speak for me. May more and more people benefit from your wisdom, humility and extrasensory gifts. You are truly a wingless angel! Bless you Michelle!"
Jackie Walker
"From the moment I arrived at Michelle’s room I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders and that was just after a hello! I walked in, in a state of flux and in sore need of some universal guidance and light at the end of the tunnel. I walked out with both (sans the flux) and a package of seven more sessions and haven’t looked back. I feel lighter, I AM lighter. Michelle is an amazing Intuitive Healer and Mentor and a great blessing for those that seek her assistance. I sing her praise to the end of the Multiverse and back."
Rebecca Martin
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