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Strengthening Your Intuition

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Strengthening Your Intuition is a self-paced course which takes you on a journey of self discovery and teaches you how to trust your inner superpower – your INTUITION. Your intuition is a unique tool which can support you in ALL areas of your life – Relationships, Health, Wealth and increase joy.

Michelle Fortuna developed this course to support clients to grow confident in themselves and deepen their understanding of their intuition.  

Do you find yourself ignoring your instincts? Isn’t it time you embraced your intuition?

This practical course will deepen your understanding of how your intuition works, help you identify yourself and your unique abilities.

Who This Course Is For:

What Can You Gain From This Course?

This course can change the way you see the world and support you to:

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Why I Created This Course?

I have created so much change in my life that it feels miraculous. I have always been intuitive and highly sensitive, therefore I would easily become overwhelmed. I was unable to live my life in a way that truly reflected the person that I am. All that changed when I began to trust my intuition and use it to guide me in life. I connected with my body at such a deep level that made me strong in who I am. I went from being unable to authentically express myself to being able to heal myself, family relationships and surround myself with loving people. This course is created from life experience that I love sharing with people who are ready to be themselves.


What My Students Are Saying

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to grow. Michelle is the most open, gentle and knowledgeable teacher you could imagine!”
Jennie Grundy
Castlemaine, Victoria
“Michelle’s work comes from a place of deep joy and reverence for the divine essences which is in all of us. Her respect for connection with her own intuition greatly supports others in developing their own loving relationship with their inner knowing!”
Liz Mellor
Castlemaine, Victoria
“Deepening Your Intuition really introduced me to who I truly am. A natural method that supported all involved. Each session naturally addressed, with ease and grace individual needs within the group as a whole unit. With each session, my awareness grew and in a calm centered space I was able to appreciate that I run solely on adrenaline - so far from my truth and the essence that I am. Thank you, Michelle!”
Jeanette Brown
Castlemaine, Victoria

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