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Getting Clearer With Expression

Over the years, my experience of expression has changed dramatically. I would avoid expressing myself as much as possible. It was easier to be in a space of non-commitment and observation then to interact or engage for fear of confrontation or worst still exposure of stupidity.

Once I tapped into the core of my belief I was able to unravel this limiting experience step by step and change my experience of life, communication and expression. 

Now I deeply value my ability to express myself and even though there are many times when I am clumsy with my expression, I allow myself to continue on.

What has really supported me with my expression is to become clearer with who I am. This has been an on going process where I am continually letting go of limiting beliefs, becoming more aware of myself and more aware of when I have been taking on other people’s beliefs.

Becoming more committed to my relationship with my self and valuing myself has allowed to me to safely grow.

I have always found it interesting how sometimes I find it incredibly easy to express myself with one person and then with another I am at a loss for words or I feel unsafe. I value all these experiences and recognise that sometimes it is useful. Sometimes it is me feeling uncomfortable and needing to cross over another barrier of resistance I have created. Today I am sharing a tip with you on getting clearer with your expression, specifically with asking for what you want.

Getting Clearer! With asking for what you want and what you are worth! 

Recently I had an experience where I hit a limitation.

I wanted to surpass my fear, and I needed to address the situation with clear communication. With encouragement from a friend and a different perspective I realised I could approach the limitation by sending an email. Scared of confrontation? Well here’s a way around it that worked for me. I was willing to step up, so first step was the willingness. I needed to write a clear concise email. I started to write the email and found myself writing an unnecessary amount of words. I was not being as direct as I would like to be and I was always considering the other person. I decided to open up a blank word document and allowed myself the freedom to write what I really wanted. Doing this surprised me for two reasons, firstly it was so clear and direct. Secondly it was still written in a loving way, which felt authentic. It was a pleasant surprise, the email was finished, simply with a cut and paste.

This process supported me in so many ways. Once I had completed the email I was no longer attached to any outcome. I needed the opportunity to clearly express myself. This supported me in expressing myself honestly without being overwhelmed with emotion. 

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Are you willing to be clearer with your expression?

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