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I love you as you are

“I love you as you are” I told him as he lay naked on my bed, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. “I love you as you are.” I repeated, “I love you as you are.” Each time I said the words, I felt the strength of my heart as it magnified from my body. I felt as though we were connecting on such a deep level, I could feel so much energy between us. He was doing nothing, just laying there, receiving my words. I was saying how I feel and it felt amazing. I was enjoying my expression. 

When was the last time someone told you they loved you as you are? When was the last time you told someone that you loved them as they are? When was the last time you told yourself that you loved you as you are! 

I had been away for over a month and he missed me. Even though he had so much support around him and all his basic needs were being met, something was missing. My physical presence was what he longed for. My reassuring touch. My smell. My calm direction. My consistency. 

When I expressed my love, I knew of nothing else. Everything that had been distracting me fell away. 

My focus was on my love. My focus was laser sharp. My heart was open. My being was present. There was no wronging of one another. There was nothing to judge. No one to blame, no guilt felt. 

“I love you as you are,” I say one more time, enjoying the physical sensations in my body. Suddenly we both hear a sound, it breaks the spell, you bound off the bed, run to the back door, tap on the glass, waiting patiently until I open it. Your outside, with a purpose. I hear you barking. 

Your presence is valuable, never ever underestimate the power of it, or take it for granted. When you show up for me, I feel honoured. I feel safe and sometimes it causes me to unravel. This often leads to the unexpected, its healing, its life changing. Sometimes I want more than what is available, other times you may feel you have nothing to give. No need to over complicate. Many words are unnecessary. 

What supports you to be present? 
When did you last express the way you feel? 
Whose presence do you value? 
Where in your life are you no longer present? 
Are you willing to value your presence?

As we get close to the end of another year, I find myself filled with gratitude with all of you who have worked with me over the year who have been so open and honest. It has been a big year for many, with lots of changes, transitions and letting go.

It’s the perfect time to reflect and appreciate all that you are and be open to all that is yet to come. 

What are you planning for next year?

Let me know! Any dreams, goals, wishes that you are wanting to come true? xx


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