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Increase Your Self Value

How do you value yourself?

How much do you value yourself on a scale of 1 to 100%?

It can give you an indication of where you are with self value.

Of course this may not be a fixed percentage. If you are anything like me, you may have some areas in your life where you feel strong. There are some areas where all you need is to have an incident that can make you feel unraveled and question your value.

Lets start with signs that you may not be valuing yourself. Make note of any that you relate to.

  • Lack of confidence
  • Not feeling that you contribute to the world
  • Believing you are boring
  • Being over responsible
  • Being under responsible
  • Feeling guilty
  • Under earning
  • Not eating well
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol
  • Over eating
  • Under eating
  • Not listening to your body
  • Disregarding your health
  • Pushing your body hard
  • Spending time with people who do not respect you
  • Continually sacrificing yourself
  • Always putting other peoples needs in front of yours
  • Over giving of time
  • Over giving of gifts
  • Avoiding expression
  • Over giving of your space

Add to the list anything that comes to you.

If you experience any of the above it is an opportunity for you to increase your self value. Even if you find it is fluctuating, you may experience self doubt in some situations. You can only benefit from increasing your self value.

Awareness is the first step to increasing your Self Value. Letting go of old ways, beliefs or even stories that are no longer supporting you.

Over the years of working with groups and individuals, I have witnessed how people benefit so much from perceiving the strength of connection with their bodies. Over time they feel less bothered by the environment around them. This can spill into day-to-day life and what once bothered them no longer has an impact. I love working with teenagers and adults in groups. What I notice is how much lighter they become in themselves when they connect to their own resources rather then what is happening in the space around them. We practice this by paying attention to sounds that can be heard around them. Letting go of all judgments of sounds. This eliminates frustrations and they learn to not be distracted but still be able to respond to sound. It is simple yet incredibly powerful.

The more you are able to connect with your body and awareness , increase your appreciation, compassion and kindness the more you start to perceive your value.

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Are you willing to increase your self value?

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