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Insight Timer Meditation

Do you need to find the time to be still or to meditate or do you enjoy meditating with others? Check out Insight timer!

Running regular relaxation groups I have become accustomed to a rhythm of being still and connecting deeply with my body and presence. After doing this I always feels so much more grounded, connected with myself, clearer and deeply relaxed. This is something I like to do myself before working with a client.

Years ago, I found myself meditating before working with any groups, particularly new situations. It was initially a way of preventing anxiety. It then became such a way of living that it is now second nature to me. Many people will say to me that they should be mediating more often, that they can’t seem to do it, they are no good at it or they don’t have the time. I love to free up this perspective in people. There doesn’t need to be any rules about the way you mediate. It it is only beneficial if it is something you can do! So find your own way of relaxing, being still or meditating.

Insight Timer is a free app which I discovered a couple of years ago. It is a meditation timer, so if you are finding that you are struggling in any way of committing some time for yourself to be still this can be of great assistance. You can set a timer to remind yourself and there are endless options of using the timer for mediation or relaxation. There are even many options of guided mediations which you can listen to if this is your preference. There are also  many different diverse groups that you can join and be a part of and personally I have found myself very comfortably expressing myself within the groups and it feels like a safe community especially since you can choose a group which resonates with you most.

What I love about insight timer is I feel as that you can choose a level of engagement that suits you. Anything that supports people in feeling connected to others, safe to express and relaxing is good for the soul!

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