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Intuitive Travel

It is amazing what opportunities can open up for you and how your adventures can be enhanced when you are Travelling Intuitively.

Being Intuitive is incredibly supportive to living a joyful life with ease. It brings so much more sweetness and depth into my life. It is something I am committed to continually strengthening and I love to share these abilities with others.

We Are All Intuitive Beings!

Sometimes we can become disconnected from our intuition. I am interested in supporting as many people as possible to benefit from their own abilities, whether it be reconnecting with intuition or strengthening it. How can you support yourself to be totally aligned with your intuition when you are travelling?

Here is what supports me in being Intuitive while travelling.

Firstly, being organized!

You actually need to Create Space to allow yourself to be organised. When you have space and you feel like you do not need to rush it not only supports you in Present Time it also supports you in Future Time.

Feeling into what will contribute to you on your trip is a great way to begin. You never need to turn off your Intuition.

I imagine where I am going and how I would like to feel. For example, becoming really clear with the energy that I would like to be in: playful energy, relaxing energy, exhilarating energy.

Imagining and considering the energy will support you with packing what you need (it’s also a great way to visualize what you would like).

I also consider what products are going to nourish me whether it is my favourite skin care products or essential oils.

I love travelling with generous sized scarfs/sarongs as they are so versatile and it is amazing how simply wrapping yourself up in a sarong on the plane how you can feel so glamorous and energetically supported. I also love to take anything that will support me to be creative and reflective.

Being Creative & reflective keeps the intuition following.

Once you have decided everything that you would like to take with you, it is essential that you fine tune your packing to make sure you are travelling as light as possible. The question is “will this item really benefit me on my trip?” I also find that it is useful to start the packing process some time before the trip, that way you are not packing on adrenalin. Once your case is set to go you will feel energetically supported. You can relax into the next part of the trip which supports you in being present.

Packing your hand luggage is very similar. You need to consider what will benefit you on the plane or however, you may be travelling. I also recommend that you have your itinerary all organized & a paper copy so that you are not relying solely on your phone. Even if you have everything you need on your phone, it is comforting that the information is not all in one place and it can be stressful looking through your phone trying to find something. Also, it is a great back up if you run out of charge. I only discovered on my last trip that you can actually charge your phone on the plane. It may be good to check in advance if this is your airline. This is handy especially if you like to use your phone as an iPod. I highly recommend spending time to find your favourite podcasts which will uplift and inspire you. Remember, inspiration lifts your energy. Or listen to a guided meditation! You also never know when you will have to wait for a delayed flight.

Once you have everything organized you can allow yourself to feel the pleasure of this as you arrive at the airport. To be honest, the airport is a place for me where my anxiety is triggered. When I am feeling anxious I am not feeling present. To support myself with this I gently encourage myself, knowing that even though I am feeling anxious, it will pass and all is well. I allow myself to feel vulnerable and if I need to I express my anxiety at the check in counter. I do. Often with laughter! I also practice grounding myself, so while waiting in lines I imagine connecting deeply with the core of the earth. I keep my focus on how supported I am by the whole universe. This supports me to not tap into all the anxiety around me.

Once I am on the plane I bring my awareness to my body, I check in to see whether I can let go of any stress in my body and gently breath to deepen my relaxation. It is essential to drink lots of water and to allow yourself to get up and stretch on the plane. Even if you do not need to go to the bathroom, go for a little walk. Our bodies love to move, when you are looking after your body, your intuition will be strengthened! This is the same for car trips and train trips.

Once you arrive it is also really important that you consciously ground yourself. If you arrive somewhere late at night or somewhere you have never been to before such as a totally different culture this is very important you do this! It will support you in so many ways. I find a good time to do this when you are picking up your luggage from the carousel. Staying in your own energy and focusing on grounding yourself & stretching will support you in being in tune with the world around you. Be aware to not tap into everyone’s energy! This is especially true for all the empathic people who are feeling the anxiety for themselves and everyone else! This can be extremely overwhelming. Trust that if you are calm, others will also benefit. If you are able to focus on grounding yourself and feeling supported it frees you are to be more intuitive.

Once you have arrived at your destination it is really important that you allow yourself plenty of time to integrate the trip. For many people travelling can be tiring. Having a day without any plans can be extremely beneficial to support your whole system, including your Intuition. You may need less time than this or you may need more. Having no plans for a period of time can be extremely valuable. It is amazing what can unfold. It supports Clarity & Self Awareness. Choosing nourishing activities such as swimming or yoga to unwind your body. The food you eat will also be important to how you will feel on your trip.

So much of being intuitive is loving yourself. When you love yourself it is easy to listen to yourself, you value your intuition, you value your body, you value who you are!

It is true that we will feel more intuitive in some locations such as when you are in nature. The energy can be so uplifting that you immediately benefit from the vibration. It reconnects you to your own sensations and clears your energy centers. Everyone will have a different experience in a different location. Pay attention to how you feel in different places. The more you notice how you feel, the easier it becomes to read energy and to make choices with this awareness. For instance, if you go into a shop and you really like the feeling of the shop, it is more likely that you would like to buy something from there. It is the same with food. Notice how you feel in the energy of the restaurant, notice the energy of the staff and notice how your body feels.

Sometimes when we are travelling with other people it can feel a little awkward at first following your intuition, as it may be that you have totally different experiences. Allow yourself to communicate your feelings. Sometimes all it takes is one person to share their awareness for another to recognize something new. Other times it may be that it is personal to you. That is ok. Allow yourself to be unique. It is more common that we regret not following our intuition then regret following it!

I have noticed that while travelling my intuition is stronger when I am relaxed, laughing & comfortable. Our bodies are always communicating to us, always giving us clues! Listen to your body! Ask your body what it needs………. You may be surprised by the answer.

I have found over the years that practicing being intuitive has been really useful when I am by myself. Frequently we can be so busy in our lives that we are not often by ourselves. We can go from one event to the next. See if you can allow yourself some time to practice following your own knowing, that way when you are with others you will have strengthened your own insight.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Intuition supports joyful living & ease
  • Create space to organise
  • Present time supports future time
  • You never need to turn off your Intuition
  • Imagine how you would like to feel
  • Being creative and reflective keeps Intuition flowing
  • Will this really benefit me?
  • Energetically support yourself
  • Being present
  • Gentle encouragement
  • Grounding yourself
  • When you are looking after your body your Intuition is strengthened
  • Staying in your own energy and focusing on grounding yourself & stretching will support you in being in tune with the world around you.
  • Value having no plans to support Clarity & Awareness
  • Relaxing, laughing & being comfortable
  • The more you notice how you feel, the easier it becomes to read energy and to make choices with this awareness.

Let me know if you have any questions & please share and if you have any tips that you would like to add please comment.

Enjoy your travels!

With love & appreciation of You,
Michelle Fortuna X 

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