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Is guilt holding you back?

The other day I got off from a call with a client. I had gone over time, not by long, by a few minutes.

As I was getting ready for bed I noticed I was feeling a bit off. There was this familiar sinking feeling in my stomach.

I hopped into bed, pulled up my covers and puffed my pillows.
I grabbed my journal, feeling reflective, I started to write. 

As soon as I put pen to paper, I had a light bulb moment, I was feeling guilty. ๐Ÿ™

Rather than focusing on the feeling of job satisfaction, I was distracted by a minor detail, of not finishing on schedule. (by minutes)

Fascinated with myself I started to write. 

You find me hiding beneath your thoughts. You want to ignore me, push me aside. I appear when you are feeling really happy or overly responsible. I have always been in your life, you were taught about me as a child, and I make you feel like you need to be the same as others. 

Intuitively I responded

My relationship with you is changing. Sure, you may occasionally appear, wanting my attention, but, there’s not much room for you these days, I am busy with love and self acceptance.

Ironically you may have been useful in the past, but not anymore.

I am happier without you.

It’s safe for me to be different. To create new ways which support me deeply. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I have had a long relationship with guilt.

How about you? 

Is it still currently dominant in your life? 

What would be different in your life if guilt was missing? 

If I had of listened to guilt, I would never have taken the plunge two years ago and moved with my husband to a new community.

I certainly would have never married him, and I probably wouldn’t have dated him. 

Guilt would have stopped me from moving out of home as a teenager and going to University.

Guilt would have kept me in a job I hated and in an unhealthy relationship. 

Guilt would have prevented me from showing for myself and kept me saying yes to everything that was ever asked of me. 

The list goes on.

Guilt is dangerous. 

What has changed for me? 

~ Consistent healing
~ Embracing of my inner child
~ Learning HOW to love myself
~ Learning HOW to forgive myself and others
~ Persistence with changing internal patterns

And more! 

Which has resulted in;

~ A deep trust in myself
~ Confidence
~ Clarity
~ Next level intuition; in all areas of my life
~ Healthy LOVING, authentic relationships
~ Letting go of the need to be perfect

If you find yourself frequently feeling guilty, it is important that you do not judge yourself.

We all experience life differently, and judging yourself or wronging yourself has no benefit. 

Eliminating guilt has empowered me deeply, and is DAILY restoring me, freeing me up to express myself and follow my heart desires. I am inspired to share my experience as I know many are experiencing guilt and sometimes without us even knowing it, we are passing it on to our children.

Let’s work together to change this!
You are worth it.  

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