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Love, Love, Love!

Is it time to let more love into your life?

I have always been clairsentient, someone only has to mention the word love and I benefit! I can easily feel the energy of love. Yet, I have not always been this way.

The “I love you” expression was not something that I grew up with. I always knew I felt strong connections with particular people, admired many and cared deeply, yet I didn’t really understand love.

In my teen years, I remember repetitively writing the latest crush I had on any piece of paper I could find and how much I loved them (Did you do that?)

Into my twenties, I spent lots of time reflecting on what was my fantasy of love, yet I still did not really get it.

It wasn’t until I started to experience loss, that I realised how strongly my heart felt.

Our hearts open when we lose a loved one.

I remember the day my mum told me that my Great Aunt, my God Mother, had died. I had such a strong connection with her growing up. I felt like she accepted me no matter what. I felt I could always be myself with her. It never mattered how I looked, how I spoke, even how I acted, she would be there for me. I could feel it in her touch. I could see it in her eyes. In her presence, I felt love.

When my God Mother died, I feared I would never feel what I felt with her ever again. How could I? As there was no one like her.

Yet, my feelings towards her have gone nowhere! My feelings have grown stronger. Over the years as I have grown and changed I can see myself in her, I relate to her in such a different way to what I did when I was younger. My love for her has grown within me and my connection with her has remained strong as ever. What is amazing is that even though she has passed over, she still is connected to me. When I have been feeling exhausted, despair, uncertainty, loneliness, guess who has been there for me? I have woken up to the feeling of her stroking my hair. I have seen her in my dreams; her showing me what she is up to, I have heard her whisper guidance to me when I have needed it most and I feel her encouragement in being my loving self all the time!

Are you ready to invite more love into your life?

Today and every day I invite you to be open to healing your experiences of love, all those old stories, those rusty old beliefs and start your day with allowing your heart to be a radar for love. If you miss someone you love, give yourself space to reflect on your past relationship with them, let them know how you feel, allow yourself to feel the connection. Know their love for you is stronger than ever. 

Love, love, love,

There is an endless supply of it! Share it, give it, receive it!

With love & appreciation of you all,

Michelle XX 

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