Meditation Classes Mornington Peninsula

Deepening intuition, supporting clarity, relaxation and self-healing through guided meditation classes Mornington Peninsula.

Strengthen Your Intuition

Guided meditation is gentle yet powerful, helping you deepen your intuition and learn to trust your inner wisdom. My guided mindfulness meditation classes Mornington Peninsula will empower you to become the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest.

Support Your Healing

Are any emotional barriers standing in your way of living the best life? Through my online meditation classes Mornington Peninsula you can support your natural healing abilities, remove emotional blockages, eliminate stress and anxiety and  improve self-awareness.

Feel Clearer and Inspired

Guided meditation will help you relax, strengthen your relationship with your body, gain clarity and feel more inspired. With my meditation classes Mornington Peninsula, you will open a whole new world of possibilities and light the way toward your goals and dreams.

What is Guided Meditation?

Meditation is a state of relaxation combined with increased awareness. It brings a sense of clarity and inner peace that allows us to explore otherwise hidden depths of our minds. Through guided meditation we can strengthen the connection between our body and subconscious mind to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Michelle Fortuna’s guided meditation is completely non-religious, easy to learn, enjoyable and can be practiced by ANYONE .

What to expect from meditation classes Mornington Peninsula?

intuitive life coach mornington peninsula

Michelle has been running regular weekly online meditation classes for the past ten years, routinely described as “healing, powerful, insightful and greatly supportive.”

Michelle is starting a new meditation group for beginners on 30th April 2022 at the Rye Community House. Please contact the Rye Community House on (03) 5985 4462 or via for further details. 


What to expect…

If initially you find yourself drifting off or falling asleep, it is entirely normal. Over time, mental distractions will happen less and you will notice you are present in your own body for extended periods of time. With regular practice, it becomes easier to eliminate the negative energy you have absorbed from the outside world and most importantly reconnect with your authentic self.

Correct posture is vital for meditation. Michelle highly recommends you sit in a chair. Not only it is more conscious but ensures proper support for your spine. 

Why attend group meditation classes Mornington Peninsula?

If being part of a meditation group doesn’t suit you, you can schedule individual meditation sessions tailored to your needs. You will also be able to meditate in your own time with recordings of personalized meditations.

Find Inner Peace through Meditation Classes Mornington Peninsula

Benefits of Meditation Classes Mornington Peninsula

Michelle offers the best guided meditation classes on the Mornington Peninsula and has helped hundreds of people enjoy the healing benefits of guided mindfulness meditation for anxiety. When practiced consistently, meditation can help you become calmer, react differently and your relationship with yourself will improve. This in its turn will improve all areas of your life – WORK, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH.

The benefits of guided meditation for stress and anxiety are countless. To name a few:

With the help of an experienced meditation teacher like Michelle Fortuna, many people go further to experience powerful insights, emotional healing and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Reclaim your ability to enjoy life with Michelle Fortuna's meditation classes Mornington Peninsula!


What My Clients are Saying

"Meditation with Michelle is life changing. The style of meditation is unique, teaching us to remain in our body as we focus in turn on each area, releasing energy and beliefs which no longer serve us and being gently guided to send love and gratitude to our energy centres, thus nurturing ourselves on a profoundly deep level. The changes we share from week to week, as a direct result of this class, are so wonderful, and we love learning insightful awareness of our body/mind connection. I truly believe that Michelle weaves an individual and group healing into each session, the energy of each guided meditation tailored perfectly for us as a whole. I am so grateful for Michelle’s spiritual awareness and I have evolved in mind body and spirit and confidence with her guidance. I look forward to this time all week!"
Liz Wilson
“It was a profound experience to do your meditation!”
Shannon Taylor
Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula
“Thank you, I really enjoyed it and slept so well last night.”
Renee Anderson
“The meditations are so lovely! Thank you! I can feel a deep benefit!”
Glen Walker
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