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Self Love: Where Do You Begin?

Where do you begin with self love when you do not love yourself nor feel worthy of being loved? Or do you recognize that you are not loving yourself enough?

This is a question that I am often asked by clients. You may be surprised by how many of us are treating ourselves without the love and integrity we deserve. It always helps me to remember what I am teaching my children about self love. Am I teaching them to love themselves by how I love myself?

They way you love yourself can only be unique to you. Firstly, you actually need to be willing to love yourself to even begin the process. So I shall ask you, are you ready to love yourself? To love yourself more than what you have ever loved yourself before?

Before we begin we need to clean out the closet of past beliefs and experiences. Sometimes we love ourselves how we were loved or experienced love when we were babies.

This is not about judging other people or most importantly ourselves. This is about becoming clearer, more honest and allowing you a more loving existence. Not just with yourself but with others and the whole world.

Sometimes people find self love uncomfortable. In fact they can be more comfortable in not loving themselves. Are you willing to recognise that staying comfortable could be impacting on your experience of life?

Six tips for increasing self love:

  1. Clear out the old! Get rid of limiting beliefs that you are not enough, become aware of your thoughts that are no longer serving you. Let them go!
  2. Allowing yourself time and space for your own needs
  3. How do you react when you look at yourself in the mirror? Notice with a new level of awareness, make a commitment to be more gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to be present with you without any judgment, to gaze at yourself with tenderness, care, compassion.
  4. Listen to yourself. How often do you follow your feeling? Give your self-permission to follow your own wisdom. Listen to your intuition.
  5. Relax or meditate. Even five minutes a day.
  6. Eat nourishing food and drink plenty of water. How often have you heard this? Dig out the beliefs that are stopping you from living a vibrant healthy life.

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