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Travel Well with Your intuition

My intuition has taken me to extraordinary places.

Originally from the countryside, I moved to Melbourne Australia as soon as I turned eighteen to study and start my new life. It wasn’t long before I made a best friend, and we were out dancing to James Brown. 

Six months into knowing one another, we entered a fancy dress competition, an opening for a new grand nightclub called The Metro. The theme was “The fall of Rome”. First prize was a trip for two to Italy PLUS spending money. We designed our costumes on paper, and convinced my talented sister, a make-up artist, to paint us as statues. With our hair in buns sprayed grey, and our bodies painted like marble, we wore matching draped fabric togas. 

Turns out we were unique! AND after parading and posing, the judges loved us! Nine months later, two very excited young women went to Italy and ended up spending ten months in Europe. 

Five years later. I bought a raffle ticket to support the Wilderness Society: first prize; a trip for two white water rafting, in ALASKA. Well, I won that as well! This time I took my sister. 

My next trip overseas turned out to be sometime later. My husband Morgan and I had been dating for close to five years. Both of us were the primary caregivers of four children. Six months apart in age. Two boys and two girls. Our life together was busy -thus Morgan’s mum generously gave us flights to Bali, Indonesia. Just for the two of us.

Our first night we stayed in pre booked accommodation. From that point on, we had no plans. We had ten days to do as we please, within a modest budget. 

One of our many adventures was finding ourselves at dusk in Munduk. Tired, we had no idea where we would stay, and back then, no internet. We asked our driver to drop us on the side of the road. Being off-season, there was no one in sight. We were in the mountains, the temperature had dropped, and we needed to find somewhere to stay quick smart. 

Morgan encouraged me. “What is your intuition telling you?” 

I felt a powerful pull to a long driveway. It was dark and empty. There was a sea of red bricks piled out the front and the landscape was harsh grey cement. Logically, it seemed wrong, intuitively it felt right.

We knocked on the front door, half expecting to be turned away. Asking to book a room for a couple of nights.

A young man gestured to us to follow him. He led us out the back, pointing to a tiny room. Which we accepted. Inside was a double bed, covered in soft white lace mosquito net, an old-fashioned kettle and a basic but clean bathroom. We discovered we had our own private balcony, with a breathtaking view of mountains along with groves of cinnamon, coconut trees, coffee plantations and frangipanis. 

That night we slept to the sound of gentle rain rippling through waterways and woke up to a majestic view. 

Developing and trusting my intuition has enhanced my travel experience and brought unbelievable gifts into my life. As I grow in intuitive confidence, so do my adventures!

Intuition has opened my world to magic.

Michelle Fortuna ~ Intuitive Mentor

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